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Phone Card Choice :: Dialing Rules to call from Brunei Darussalam to Lithuania

Easy to use phone cards to Lithuania from Brunei Darussalam cheap are easy to find using our phone card selection system.
If you would like to find out more international phone codes to Lithuania from Brunei Darussalam, simply tick Lithuania from the drop down menu and select Brunei Darussalam as the country you wish to phone from.

The cheapest way of phoning to Lithuania is as easy as ordering your phone card online with your credit card or paypal info.
You can select from a range of cheap international phone cards to Lithuania from Brunei Darussalam by inspecting the phone card list below. Once you have found your best phone to Lithuania, you are nearly done.. Now you can make your selection of the best phone card to Lithuania and can activate your phone card online and begin to make cheap phone calls to Lithuania.
Unlike most other Brunei Darussalam phone cards, this Brunei Darussalam phone card offers you great value for all phoning to Lithuania. There are no phone card dropout outs, no disconnection fees, and this is NOT a VOIP service.
You want to make cheapest phone calls to Lithuania from Brunei Darussalam. Many phone card review sites have tagged our phone cards as the best around.

International phone calls to Lithuania have never been cheaper!
Phone Lithuania now.
Cheap international phone cards from Brunei Darussalam.
Best Brunei Darussalam phone card rates.
Cheapest Brunei Darussalam tele-phone cards on the net!

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To call from Brunei Darussalam to Lithuania you need to dial:

0 + 370 + city code + phone number

City Code
Akmene 425
Alytus 315
Anykšciai 381
Birštonas 319
Biržai 450
Druskininkai 313
Elektrenai 528
Ignalina 386
Jonava 349
Joniškis 426
Jurbarkas 447
Kaišiadorys 346
Kaunas 37
Kedainiai 57
Kelme 427
Kretinga 445
Kupiškis 459
Lazdijai 318
Marijampole 343
Mažeikiai 443
Moletai 383
Neringa 469
Pakruojis 421
Palanga 460
Panevežys 45
Pasvalys 451
Plunge 448
Prienai 319
Radviliškis 422
Raseiniai 428
Rokiškis 458
Taurage 446
Telšiai 444
Trakai 528
Ukmerge 340
Utena 389
Varena 310
Vilkaviškis 342
Vilnius 521
Visaginas 386
Zarasai 385
Šakiai 345
Šalcininkai 380
Šilale 449
Šilute 441
Širvintos 382
Švencionys 387

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