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  • Calling Card Sent via Email

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Credit Rollover

  • Call To 200+ Countries

No Choppy WiFi Calls

WiFi calling can come with stuttering, delayed audio or will randomly disconnect. Our international calling cards use traditional copper phone lines allowing you to enjoy reliable, high-quality international calls.

Save BIG On International Calls

International long distance calling shouldn’t be expensive. We combine quality phone calls with great pricing giving you the freedom to talk with your family and friends on a reliable line at the best prices.

Call From Any Mobile Or Landline

Use your calling card from your home line or cell phone and call to any home line or mobile phone overseas!

100% Prepay Calling

Prepay for all of your calling – no contracts, plans or surprise bills at the end of the month!

How To Use Your Calling Card
To Make International Calls

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  • Calling Card Sent via Email

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Credit Rollover

  • Call To 200+ International Destinations

Why Phone Card Choice?

  • Credit Rollover

    If your calling card expires, no problem. Simply top up your calling card online, and we will add your previous balance to your recharge total.
  • No Reactivation Fees

    It’s common for a provider to penalize you for letting your card expire by charging you a fee to reactivate it. We understand that life happens, and things get missed. Simply top up your calling card (either online or by calling our customer support phone number), and you are back in business!
  • No Service Fees

    It is common for a provider to deduct daily, weekly, or monthly admin fees from your prepaid phone card balance. None of our international calling cards come with these fees.
  • Flat Calling Rates

    Some international calling card providers have variable rates depending on what time of the day or night you are calling. To keep things simple for our customers we keep the rates flat at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our calling cards come with a connection fee and clearly stated next to the per minute rate. You’ll notice that these cards tend to come with a lower per minute rate and are ideal for people who tend to make longer international calls. There are no other hidden or special fees.

Each calling card needs to be recharged every 180 days. This begins from activation (i.e. when you make your first call) to keep your calling card active. If this is your first purchase, the expiration will begin upon the first use of your phone card i.e. once you make your first connected call.

There are no fees, simply top-up and resume calling.

An international calling card is a service that allows you to call overseas (using either your home line or mobile) at much lower rates than your traditional home line or mobile plans. There is no SIM card or software to install.

No. We don’t charge extra if you’re using your cell phone. Since you need to call our Access Number to use our calling card service, you ideally want to have free national calls on your cell phone plan.

If you have free national calls throughout the U.S. then our it’s free to call. We have a toll free number as well.

No. When your calling card expires, you must top up again to begin using it. Once this has been done your previous calling card balance will be carried forward.

Calling cards are available at large retail stockists, but as an alternative, we highly recommend purchasing a calling card from a specialist retailer since general stores like Walmart, Target, newspaper stands, etc. often don’t have all the information available around fees and which card is best for your specific needs.

International call cards need 1. Local Acces Number and 2. PIN number, which is sent to you via email after purchase (or via physical card if purchased from a store).  First step is to call the local access number, this connects you to the service, enter in your PIN, then finally, dial the overseas phone number.

Despite new technology, phone cards still have advantages. Phone cards use the same wires as landlines, so they work in areas with poor or even no internet. Some of the older generations still prefer using something more familiar like a telephone as opposed to a calling app or video conferencing software. Phone cards also offer people an incredibly cheap way to connect with friends and family overseas which would otherwise be much more expensive with their main telco service.

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  • Calling Card Sent via Email

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Credit Rollover

  • Call To 200+ Countries